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The major cause of insecurity is the lack of secure software development practices. This highly intensive and interactive course provides essential application security training for web application, webservice and mobile software developers and architects. Jim’s classes are a combination of lecture, security testing demonstration and code review.

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What you will learn

Students will learn how to code secure web solutions via defense-based code samples. As part of this course, we will explore the use of third-party security libraries and frameworks to speed and standardize secure development. We will highlight production quality API's from various languages and frameworks that provide production quality and scalable security controls. Jim offers custom onsite developer training which pulls from the following topics.

Selected Talks by Jim

Jim Manico is a respected speaker at security conferences


The Professors

Jim Manico

Jim Manico

Author, Speaker & Consultant

Jimmy Mesta

Jimmy Mesta

Author, Speaker & Consultant


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Feisty Duck is a London-based publisher of computer security books (Bulletproof SSL and TLS) and provider of public and on-site computer security training. Our practical hands-on courses for system administrators, developers, and IT security professionals are taught in small groups and delivered by industry experts. Courses include SSL/TLS, Internet PKI, Content Security Policy, and Apache/ModSecurity. Visit https://www.feistyduck.com for more information.

Synopsys is improving the quality of software everywhere by creating developer tools and training that help them build and deploy secure code faster. With Jacks, developers can learn secure coding best practices and eliminate security issues before they ever leave the dev environment. Developer-driven security means stronger, safer applications for users everywhere. Learn more about Synopsys Jacks or visit Synopsys.com.

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